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30 May
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Getting to know your customers is not as simple as it sounds but none the less crucial in sustaining a long and profitable customer Lifecycles.



As today’s online consumer becomes less trusting and more demanding, online retailers must have a clearer, deeper understanding of actual customer needs especially when this knowledge could be the difference between attracting loyal, profitable customers who become proactive advocates or disengaged detractors. Understanding your customer is not just about having more information, but having the right information that positively impacts the customer life cycle and bottom line.



Buyer personas provide a clearer customer profile and more specifically, the practical elements that drive their decision-making process.

Customer attitudes and priorities change consistently and intelligent retailers spot these changes early and adjust their strategies accordingly. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, look at the available options to meet their needs then assess the ability of your online retail business to meet those needs.



1.    What is the profile of your “ideal” customer?

2.    How much would it cost to acquire your “ideal” customer?

3.    What drivers influence your customer’s buying decisions? Are they based on financial, personal, seasonal or impulsive reasons?



Encourage ongoing feedback –  Talk to your customers and find out what’s working and what’s not. Would they recommend your business and buy from you again?

Create buyer persona(s) – To really know your customer, you need to know who they are and understand what influences and drives them to purchase the products you sell.

Develop a communications program – Think about how and when you engage your customers. Understand their purchase triggers and communicate messages that resonate.

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