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15 May

"In an increasingly competitive and sophisticated market, no e-commerce brand can afford to take their eye off the ball when it comes to pricing - of all the pivotal moments in turning a visitor into a customer, it's one of the most important."

Jay Radia, Yieldify CEO 

The second in our Internet Retailing series, this whitepaper takes and in-depth look at Internet Retailing and Tracking Competitor Prices, focused on:

  • The role of price tracking as a fundamental part of any e-commerce strategy
  • How competitor price tracking is currently deployed globally
  • Impact of price tracking sales, profitability and customer loyalty for e-commerce retailers
  • This white paper also includes case studies on leading brands including Amazon and Samsung as well as key industry verticals including fashion and technology.

Who will benefit from this whitepaper?

  1. E-commerce professionals
  2. Anyone who sells products and/or services online
  3.  Product manufacturers and distributors


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