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How Zappos Help Us Monitor Your Competitors Prices

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I have been fortunate enough to manage Competitor Monitor from its launch up until now, which has been a great job. As with any start up, each day you are learning, and this has meant the business has become more refined week on week. Our whole team is delighted with how things are going, lots new sign ups have been coming in each and every day which is fantastic.

We feel that the beauty of Competitor Monitor is how transparent we are - we have all our prices on our site, no hidden charges, and on top of that we've scrapped our set up fee, and offer a free 30 day trial! So in reality, anyone looking for competitor price monitoring is going to come to us first since we have such a tempting offer. We have found this to be a great way to learn about our customers. If we had an industry standard set up fee, no prices listed and no free trial, people wouldn't be attracted, and we would be the none the wiser on exactly what it is our audience wants.

If you read our last blog post, you would have noticed we mentioned Zappos, the USA online shoe giant, and in this post we're going to touch on them again. You may wonder why a company that offers competitor price monitoring keeps associating themselves with a company that sells shoes? Well, Zappos became so big through the way they conduct business. They're super friendly, always happy to help and therefore earned a reputation for having exceptional customer service. They offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed returns policy, and they will never make a single fuss if you want to return something. And I mean never. Try it for yourself if you're skeptical. People trust them so much, that they pay more to buy from Zappos when the same shoes are on different sites at a cheaper price! Yes, you did read that right. That's loyalty right there.

You still may be wHow Zappos Help Us Monitor Your Competitors Pricesondering where we're going. Well despite us being in the business of competitor price monitoring, we still felt that we could learn a lot from them. Simply learning to adopt the same culture as them is our focus, and we really feel this has worked wonders, for us, our customer, and as a result, the business. If the business is focused around the customer, and each member of the team knows that and acts accordingly in everything they do, then everything should fall into place naturally. In our case, me and the rest of the sales team are all more than happy to go out of our way to help customers, be that answering endless questions, or simply discussing with them how competitor price monitoring can help them. We make sure we always find the time to listen and respond. Our developers have the same mindset. If a client wants to tweak their trial account a bit, say for instance they told us to monitor competitor x's whole site, but then decide they only want monitor competitor x's multimedia products, they are happy to put the time in to sort it. It means going the extra mile, with means there's a cost incurred on our part, in terms of both time and money, but it is so worth it.

We are always asking our clients for feedback, as there is no better way to create the perfect software other than building it exactly how the users want it. Not only do we listen, but we take action. A good example of what not to do is the Dell IdeaStorm. They set up a forum for customers to make suggestions, but soon got criticism for never implementing the ideas. Like I said before, if you want the become a customer centric business, then you need to do what the customers want, sometimes even if you don't like it.

It might sound like we're blowing our own trumpet here, which we probably are, but its only because we are so confident in the service we are offering that we want to tell you about it! Want to put us to the test? Well if you want to monitor your competitors prices, just fill in a form here, click send, and we will have you set up for free in no time at all.
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