In-Depth Insight: The Amazon Effect Down Under 2017

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In-Depth Insight: The Amazon Effect Down Under 2017

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In-Depth Insight: The Amazon Effect Down Under 2017
Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer has long ‘eyed’ the Australia market as its’ next target in pursuit of global domination and it seems that their plans are set to become a potentially frightening reality for retailers down under with plans to enter the market in 2017 under their Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Prime Fresh brands.
The retail giant believes that prices in Australia are “way too high” and aim to “go through and collect price-points on everything before setting prices at a 30 percent discount.” 
In this e-Book, we take an indepth look:
  • The Current E-commerce Landscape of Australia
  • Amazon Impact in Australia Pre - 2017
  • Amazon Plans For Australia Post - 2017
  • The Amazon Effect in Europe, United States and Canada
  • The 'REAL' Distruption that Amazon brings to Australian E-commerce
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