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Online Purchases Drive Increased Consumer Spend, Says VISA

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Online Purchases Drive Increased Consumer Spend, Says VISA

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Online Purchases Drive Increased Consumer Spend, Says VISA
Online Purchases Drive Increased Consumer Spend in September 2016, According to Visa
Results from Visa UK's Consumer Spending Index concluded with a 2.4% increase in consumer spend for September 2016, compared to the same period in 2015. 
Online purchases were identified as the key catalyst for sales growth, increasing by 6% compared to 0.1% increase in face to face purchases.
The Index positioned the recreation and culture sector as the main drivers for increased online spend with a 6.8% rise in consumer spend. The leisure industry enjoyed 6% spend increase predominantly on family holidays and meals out.
Kevin Jenkins, Managing Director at Visa UK and Ireland commented that ..."Growth was once again driven by the experience economy ...... with little evidence of the back-to-school ranges providing any significant boost."
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