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What's So Special About Us?

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It's been a busy time this last few weeks at Competitor Monitor HQ, it seems businesses are becoming even more price conscious as Christmas nears as we have seen a big surge in new customers coming on board.

Whilst we are not the only company on the web that can monitor your competitor's prices, we do have one nice feature that we like to highlight as it is one of the many elements that helps us stand out from the crowd and maintain our market stronghold.

In addition to letting you know when prices change and allowing you to track your market positioning on each and every product, we also inform you when your competitors add a new product to their site. Often quite overlooked, this is a valuable little feature. If you are only monitoring a specific range of products, then your competitor could start listing some new products which you also sell, and all the while they will go unnoticed. So whilst you might be monitoring  the bulk of your product range across your competitor's and maximising on revenue for those products because of that, you may well be losing out on revenue on other products that they are also now selling.What's So Special About Us?

What if I'm already monitoring my whole range across my competitor's sites?

Well, if nothing else, its a useful bit of information. Knowing each and every time your competitors add new products to their range is worthwhile knowing.. they may be expanding or simply pursuing new markets which you could also be capitalising on.

Alerts for new products comes standard with all Competitor Monitor packages , so get in touch for more information. On another note, our change detection service which monitors web pages for changes is now live!
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